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Illustrated fabrics

An illustrated fabric is a piece of printed fabric, usable to customize a bag, a garment, a duvet cover ...


You will be able to select the model of your illustrated fabrics in the galleries. You will then be asked to choose the desired size (small or large piece) and the type of fabric.
Please read the details of each item before ordering, because you will find in the description the size of each piece of illustrated fabric.

The drawings are printed by conventional sublimation process: the ink is impregnated in the meshes of the fabric, the drawing is completely blended into the material, it is not detectable to the touch. Printing has a longer life, but is only possible on 100% polyester fabrics.

You will have the choice between 2 types of fabric :

Burlington 100% Polyester

Le Burlington is the cheapest. Soft, slightly stretchy and very resistant, it is soft to the touch. 

Click on pictures to see more details

Coral 100% Polyester

Thicker than Burlington, the Coral fabric is bright white and its thick mesh gives it an interesting raw appearance, close to canvas bags.
Very resistant and flexible, its composition 100% polyester makes it possible to incorporate the illustration by conventional process of sublimation.

+ 1 € / fabric

Tips for shipping :)

1- When you place an order, you can choose the shipping mode "Lettre suivie" : it's working with illustrated fabrics and it's cheaper than "Collissimo" !

2- To celebrate the English speaking shop, i'll send a free gift for all the new customers ! The gift will be added automatically in your package when i will prepare the shipping :)

Enjoy :)

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